By Frances Harris

        —–They took me off in those early years,

Gentle, strong and free from care,

A cruel heart, with all the power,

Crushed my world, I had no choice,

—-I loved guitar, and a catchy tune,

Nothing more, for that was me,

Artistic flare, through the shiny lens,

Fee to walk, till daylight ends,

—–Until that day with a twist of fate,

A cruelty more than I’d ever guess,

Beyond the glare, of the rushing crowds

Until the gates were shut right there,

——A blight not seen, was waiting then,

Not known nor heard, till the darkness came,

A world of pain, in the hands of those,

Who’d harm me there in that quiet place,

——Tears ran down as the thunder rolled,

With dark and light to fight it out,

My soul cried out to the man in chains,

 A hero then, and the one I trust,

—–With no reprieve, and no redress,

Devoid of life in that wretched place,

Everything that I had known,

Denied to me, as I languished there,

—–Invisible to those with power,

Ply their craft from their ivory towers,

Both through the mouth, and of the veins,

Never asked and never told,

 —–Brutal work by those soft skinned hands,

Never safe in a place like that,

 Cherished rights for the brown skinned child,

Were burned and washed away,

—–Justice lost and a broken heart,

Parents wanting a better deal,

A son most loved was almost lost,

In that wretched lonely hell,

—–Not in jail, you would never guess,

Satan’s sons, with their work to do,

Took all I had, and somewhat more,

No thought for me, a human being,

—–No reprieve for me, you know,

Humanity, and joy were gone,

Nothing left, but a pair of shoes,

Underneath my bed,

—–They quell the heart, and spoil the blood,

The future’s bleak in a place like that.

Grim cold faces looking down,

Wrists are tied for weeks on end,

—–We must comply, or take their wrath

Made to step like a dancing bear,

Treatment hurts, and it never heals,

Life was waning slowly there,

—–Blurry days, and a sickened heart,

Breath is shallow and potion’s strong,

I yearned to run in bare foot pools,

A world so far away,

—–But then I heard the freedom horn,

A distant sound that I knew was there,

The ones I love were coming there,

To take me far away.