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VICTORY — April 10, 2016




By Frances Harris

        —–They took me off in those early years,

Gentle, strong and free from care,

A cruel heart, with all the power,

Crushed my world, I had no choice,

—-I loved guitar, and a catchy tune,

Nothing more, for that was me,

Artistic flare, through the shiny lens,

Fee to walk, till daylight ends,

—–Until that day with a twist of fate,

A cruelty more than I’d ever guess,

Beyond the glare, of the rushing crowds

Until the gates were shut right there,

——A blight not seen, was waiting then,

Not known nor heard, till the darkness came,

A world of pain, in the hands of those,

Who’d harm me there in that quiet place,

——Tears ran down as the thunder rolled,

With dark and light to fight it out,

My soul cried out to the man in chains,

 A hero then, and the one I trust,

—–With no reprieve, and no redress,

Devoid of life in that wretched place,

Everything that I had known,

Denied to me, as I languished there,

—–Invisible to those with power,

Ply their craft from their ivory towers,

Both through the mouth, and of the veins,

Never asked and never told,

 —–Brutal work by those soft skinned hands,

Never safe in a place like that,

 Cherished rights for the brown skinned child,

Were burned and washed away,

—–Justice lost and a broken heart,

Parents wanting a better deal,

A son most loved was almost lost,

In that wretched lonely hell,

—–Not in jail, you would never guess,

Satan’s sons, with their work to do,

Took all I had, and somewhat more,

No thought for me, a human being,

—–No reprieve for me, you know,

Humanity, and joy were gone,

Nothing left, but a pair of shoes,

Underneath my bed,

—–They quell the heart, and spoil the blood,

The future’s bleak in a place like that.

Grim cold faces looking down,

Wrists are tied for weeks on end,

—–We must comply, or take their wrath

Made to step like a dancing bear,

Treatment hurts, and it never heals,

Life was waning slowly there,

—–Blurry days, and a sickened heart,

Breath is shallow and potion’s strong,

I yearned to run in bare foot pools,

A world so far away,

—–But then I heard the freedom horn,

A distant sound that I knew was there,

The ones I love were coming there,

To take me far away.

Mental Health in Victoria Australia — February 4, 2016

Mental Health in Victoria Australia



This is what Hitlers henchmen did to prisoners and was determined ….a war crime.


Please read below:

Even before the appeals process: a public clinic  psychiatrist whispered to him: ‘you will never get off the C.T.O. or the injections!’

So since there is a government election this year, I put together this petition I would love you to sign.

Torture in Victoria is acceptable for the mentally ill. It’s much worse than is happening to the locked up asylum seekers and there is no outcry.

Probably that’s because it’s a tightly held secret. Not all mental illness is a permanent condition. With the right help many recover. You might think it’s nothing to do with me. But if you have teenager or adult children or if you have been mentally challenged by depression, illicit drugs, excessive alcohol, a little confused or forgetful, delirious, had a brain injury or in the future, a trauma, you could suddenly be in this position. ……..And there is no way out. 

For the purposes of protecting his identity. I will call him Ben. Like many families, Ben had a dreadful childhood trauma. He seemed alright for a lot of years. Then as he reached his teen years it seemed he faced the reality of what happened and couldn’t cope. Later he was diagnosed with P.T.S.D. He started to go downhill and down the wrong path, you can guess the rest.

As an adult Ben found himself for a few days in a mental health facility. He was given antipsychotic medications and came back from hospital worse than he went in. What we didn’t know was he has an enzyme deficiency after the tests came back, where he can’t process these medications. The dose for the average person would be good, where in his case he showed signs of significant confusion with these drugs and finally had a mental breakdown. it happened a number of times. 

There are science reports that confirm this effect. Psychiatrists trialed some other new atypical antipsychotic drugs on him and he went into a coma. We found after any medication misadventure a psychiatrist routinely will not take responsibility for the medication mistakes. The psychiatrist treating my son stated he had a severe mental illness and blamed the coma saying he failed to take his tablets. We know that wasn’t true. The drugs were the reason he went into a coma. 

Meanwhile we found out the same drug that put him into a coma, which was new on the market, killed 100 soldiers in the initial drug trials. That didn’t matter; the Food and Drug Administration that approved it anyhow. From what I read, coma related ambulance call outs connected with this drug in America rose by 20% Brain death occurs between one to four minutes with no chance of resuscitation. This is still no problem for public and private psychiatry and is still ongoing. They don’t talk about it to their patients. 

That drug is still being prescribed like lollipops for everything from sleep disorder to anxiety. Family don’t find out the dangers until they get the call from the hospital. There are also scientific links with suicide. 

This private psychiatrist treating Ben sent bulletins to the local hospital and everywhere he could that he was not responsible enough to handle his own medication, and should be put on a forced injection pinned down by a Community Treating Order. There were terrible reactions to these injections we found there is no viable appeal system and no choice. He was a very fit healthy intelligent young man, with a lovely disposition and funny sense of humor. We are trying hard to keep it that way. 

Some examples of the effects of these medications have been: projectile vomiting, choking, aspiration, very low oxygen levels, coma dangerous heart condition, permanent eye damage, tremor, backward rolling eyes, painfully stiff muscles where he couldn’t turn his neck, couldn’t speak properly, couldn’t walk properly (shuffling) confusion liver damage, kidney damage, life threatening Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome. There were many urgent trips to the Emergency Department of Frankston Hospital by car and by ambulance. 

There are useless appeal processes that go right up to the Minister for Mental Health aare not designed to give the patient a fair hearing. The outcome depends on asking the treating psychiatrist for his/her opinion. After that process, everything stops and they won’t take any more complaints. They just stop communicating. 

Ben’s treating psychiatrist will not communicate with the local doctor, so he doesn’t know what he is supposed to do to help. His future is supposedly a tightly held secret. Ben is very distressed by this process. Although he has been well for a long time, after surviving another failed drug trial (overdose prescribed forced injection)  that put him in hospital with severe confusion that lasted five weeks. The worry is weighing him down, causing depression.

This is what Hitlers henchmen did to prisoners and was determined ….a war crime

Ben has been well for a long time since them since the dose was reduced after I approached the Minister. However after I made complaints he was punished by extending the Community Treating Order for a secret amount of time. A psychiatrist whispered to him: ‘you will never get off the C.T.O. or the injections.

You might think to yourself it’s nothing to do with me. But if you have teenage or adult children or if you have been mentally challenged by depression, illicit drugs, excessive alcohol, had a brain injury or in the future a trauma, or your parent is developing memory loss or dementia, you could be in this position. The only hope is to change the legislation. 

So since there is a government election this year, I put this petition together. I would love you to sign.















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